Puffin Image.jpg

A shiveringly powerful play for our time, for adults and strong-minded children everywhere.”

★★★★ The Scotsman

Utterly charming, Puffin is a creative piece which carries an activist message about our own actions against climate control.”

★★★★ The Skinny

Puffin is a beautiful and poignant new work of music theatre exploring friendship, environmental destruction and the need for change. Loosely based on Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, “strikingly bold” Scotland based theatre collective Snap –Elastic have reimagined the absurdist classic for a younger, contemporary audience, using clown, live music and physical movement. Puffin follows friends Klump and Tarkin as they make their annual visit to see the puffins come in to nest for the summer months – but shouldn’t they be here already…? Fuelled by anxiety, loyalty and a sense of adventure, Klump and Tarkin sail into the unknown in pursuit of puffins and happiness.

Puffin is at once an anarchic and raucous, quiet and contemplative piece of theatre. It gently pokes at the hierarchy humankind has attributed to the natural world. It questions what will happen when circumstances change beyond our control, and offers a warm hug to those who suffer from anxiety at this prospect. It is also a call to arms, a battle cry, and an invitation to join the rebellion. Puffin is a celebration of friendship, change, and of nature itself.

Puffin was originally made as an Independent Arts Projects production in association with Platform. It was developed in 2018 and toured Scotland in the autumn of that year with support from Catherine WheelsImaginate, Educational Institute Scotland and Creative Scotland.