Eat Me

Eat Me is an image based piece of theatre about a woman who uses the dark web to find someone to eat her. It is about the general consumption of female bodies in everyday society, the darker nature of sexual gratification and the shifting complexities of power.

We follow the protagonist as she meets another woman searching for her prey, and watch as the relationship that they initiate eventually, and inevitably, consumes them both. This is the story of Prey and Predator – their desire to be consumed, and to consume – to build their own world with a different set of rules that they alone have control over.

Eat Me was originally developed through a Tron Lab (Tron Theatre Creative), and was subsequently programmed as a work-in-development at manipulate festival 2017. We have since embarked on a 3 week funded residency by Nordland Visual Theatre in Stamsund, who we will be developing the show in conjunction with over the next year. Eat Me will premiere in 2020 and is produced by Showroom.

Performed by Isabel Sharman, Claire Willoughby & Ian Cameron
Directed by Eszter Marsalko
Design and costume by Annie Hiner
Sound by Matt Collings
Lighting by Simon Hayes